By ridenho
I've got a scene that goes to an infinte next sampling level and finishes after about a minute. It is driving me crazy. I've made all materials the default.mxm and even changed the environment. Anyone had this problem before. There is quite alot of noise. I beleive this started occuring after putting all the materials to a default material. I have even opened the mxs file in studio with the same results.

I use AutoCAD Architecture 2008 then link to 3D Studio max and use the plugin from there.

I have also been having problems with displacement when using the above procedures. Even if I subdivide the meshes, the displacement will not work correctly. I did get it to work going from Max to 3ds then back to max which seems really dumb.
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By Luca_Studioaltieri
I had same problem time ago.
This trouble was generate by a texture file format/settings.
I converted that PNG file in a JPG all worked fine.

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