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By mojo
maybe im too stupid, but my plugin doesnt work.

(there are only 2 files in the plugin-zip; maxwellrender.fzp and maxwellrender.ENU.fzr) is this on purpose ?

errormessage: cant find mxcl ...

best regards mojo
By nachob
Please check that you downloaded the whole file. Check the zipped file size with the one in the download page.


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By mojo
i did check.
only two files + pdf

in the general maxwellrender forum a lot of people semm to have the same problem with the mxcl.

how many files should be in the zip file ?!
By nachob
which version did you downloaded?
By big K
yes, i was thinking the same...

mojo, just check my question about the 1.6 plugin and windows 64 bit.
i think waht you downloaded is for windows and you may want it for macOS.
there is a plugin for macOS, but only 32bit. check it out in the download area.

hope this helps
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By mojo

i downloaded win32 version, because my system is win 32 ...

in erarlier versions ,there were 4 plugin files, now only 2. Maybe tis is correct for this version and i have to change the mxcl path like other people in the forum..
By big K
yes i have started a new topic on this.
have you tried to use the old ATTRIBUTES files.
because if i do so with win XP64 they do not work.
maybe you are more lucky with win32


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