By Rchitekt
Hi all,
I made a model and rendering about a year ago with an older version of Maxwell and 3d Max (v.9). Now, I need to re-render the scene, but I now have 3d Max 2009 and the latest version of Maxwell. My problem, is that when I go to open the old scene, it wont even open it, and it crashes 3d Max. I can't do anything, but I really need to re-render this scene in the next 2 days. Can anyone give me any help with how to open the scene. I thought about trying to re-install the old version of Maxwell, but I don't have the installer. Please help.
It is not difficult to re-install MAX9, at least I would do that.... The latest Maxwell works ok with max9 if you install the plugin in Max 9... the plugin exists in the same installation for Max2009
I must say though, that this seems strange and I am not sure it has something to do with Maxwell...

Try different options, like merge scene for example... or any other import option that works....
By numerobis
do you have a mxs file of the scene and have you tried to open it in studio? maybe you can do the changes there...? :roll:
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By 4 HeRo
I find that I have to X ref the scene or in some cases the objects into a new fresh scene.

Not had to do it for a while!

Anyway worth a go :D
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By Mihnea Balta
If you can send us the scene we can probably figure out what's wrong with it, fix it an send it back to you. Please mail it to or use a file hosting service, if it's too big.
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By def4d
Merge your scene in a new one
Redo all the Maxwell render settings
Material Editor > Get material > Scene
Drag & Drop each material on a slot (maybe there's a quicker way)

Edit: oops, Nov 08 but it might help

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