I'm having an issue exporting MXS files from Sketchup on a Mac. I'm trying to run my renders through an online render farm which requires an MXS upload. The problem is that when I export an MXS file from Sketchup on my Mac side, it's extremely small- usually only 7-10 mb. When I export an MXS from Sketchup on my Windows side, the MXS is around 100 mb. Clearly there's information being lost here, and I'm not sure what's going on. Separately, my Maxwell plugin for Sketchup on my Mac side won't allow me to choose an output folder for my renders. It works perfectly on the Windows side. Any thoughts? I'm using Maxwell V3.


By JDHill
Is the plugin showing up as properly licensed on both installations (see Plugins > Maxwell > About)? When it is licensed, there will be controls in the Scene Manager > Output tab for specifying the location of the output MXS, and also for changing export parameters, such as disabling the export of instances, which would be a likely cause for the MXS size being different on the Windows installation.

To say more than this, I'd need more details about what you see, and what you mean, specifically, by saying that the plugin "won't allow" you to set the output path on the Mac side.
By dvsone1440
I am having a similar issue. I think everything is licensed properly but when I click the folder to browse for a folder for it to export to.. a menu comes up looking for a file name and type (no types available when you click the area that would show what types were options)

My machine at home is fine and they are both using the same version of the plugin. At home I get the browse for folder menu not file name and type.
By JDHill
Most likely, you have Options > User Interface > File Browsers set to Custom on your home machine, but to Default on your work machine. That option is not available on OSX; the SketchUp Ruby API has no folder browser (and no method for setting the list of allowed file types in its file browser), but I get Explorer to show you one on Windows, if you have File Browsers set to Custom. When it is set to Default, you need to select a file in the desired folder.
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