By glossopboy
I have two questions:

1. Why is the output resolution restricted to 1920px wide as a maximum in the plugin?

2. Do you think there might be an option to allow limited network rendering via the plugin for perhaps an additional fee?

Whilst I can fully understand that the plugin is a limited version of the full render suite (although it is still a pretty amazing piece of software with lots of useable functionality) and that NL would like us to progress to the full version eventually (which I might) I can't understand the reason for such a punitive limit on the output resolution - other than to encourage people to upgrade. Could this not be unlocked - perhaps for a modest additional fee? - to allow larger, high res images to be created?

Equally, how about a limited network render option in the next version of the plugin? Not sure if this is possible, but as I've got a couple of machines at my disposal, it would be great to use them both to speed up render times...


By JDHill
The first question is purely a marketing decision, so you may want to contact sales through your account at and ask them about it. The second also involves marketing, but has a technical aspect as well: adding network rendering to this plugin would require re-doing all the work that's already been done (which is far from trivial) to implement it in Maxwell Render Suite. With the exception of the output resolution restriction, and the free plugin being restricted to using the Draft engine, none of the limitations in the standalone plugin are arbitrary; they exist purely as a function of the very nature of what the standalone plugin is -- an independent plugin built around the Maxwell FIRE render engine. It is the same for render channels, Multilight, etc; the render engine itself (the code that actually creates images) is shared between this plugin and Maxwell Render, but Maxwell Render adds much extra functionality of its own, which is what you're paying for (in addition to all the other plugins, Studio, etc) when you step up to the Maxwell Render Suite.
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