Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.
I'm not a Maxwell expert, but I don't know where I clicked, because all the plastics have turned dark red and the metals dull grey.
I noticed that in all the materials, after this event, "Global Property" is set to Referenced and setting this value to Custom, the plastics are back in place, but not the metals, which I have to go to reset some parameters. What could have happened? :?:
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By Mark Bell
Some other suggestions -
1. try doing a SaveAs to a new file and see if the problem recreates in the newer file.
2. open a new blank drawing and place that side by side with the current one and compare settings in the various menus starting with the camera and materials menus.
3. It's not clear if the problem is in the rendered image or in the material browser. Perhaps also reload materials again or use the wizard to create a new material of similar type and see if the problem persists?
4. Submit a ticket to NL for help :-)
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