Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.
Been awhile since I used Maxwell with Rhino and I can send files to Studio just fine (can view Studio just fine) but unable to send to Maxwell Render. Maxwell launches and I can see it using 95% of CPU in the task manager but the window is not "viewable". The program shows up in the task bar and when I click on it in the task bar I can see a mini view of Maxwell. It was running just fine several months ago. Mxed does not launch either and does the same thing that Maxwell does. :(

I am running Windows 8.1 pro. 48GB RAM.
I've never heard of anything like that; I would try deleting (or moving/renaming) the preferences files (any .lyt, .stlay and .ini files in Documents\Maxwell). I would also make sure to be using the final 3.x releases of Maxwell ( and the plugin (3.2.5), available from the customer portal.

From there, possibilities become more esoteric -- third party applications (e.g. anti-virus/malware) interfering, or having added directories to the %PATH% during installation, from which incompatible versions of dependent libraries are being loaded, and so forth.

Great! Thanks for the info. Craig

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