By Josephus Holt
When I put several emitters under a Connect Object, the name of the Connect Object (emmiters) is not showing up in the mulitlight panle....makes it hard to find the right switch to move...almost have to do it trial and error.

Something I'm missing?
By JDHill
The plugin doesn't know about the existence of the Connect object - during export, the plugin is just given a single polygon object which represents whatever you have under the Connect object. When I said to connect objects for ML, I didn't mean to use a Connect object, I meant to select the desired polygon objects, and use the Functions > Connect command (or right-click in the object manager and choose Connect) to create a new polygon object. If you do that, then you'll see the name of that new object in the ML panel.
By Josephus Holt
OK, thx. Finally got that to work.

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