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Remember that? It seemed so revolutionary - and you could see it with your own eyes.

I've been around since pre-alpha and those days were exciting!

I'm assuming that the improvements just are diminishing returns as the technology has improved but its hard to get excited for these minor fixes and tweaks these days. I mean, even these GPU improvements are really ho-hum considering Maxwell is so late to the game compared to other renderers.

Where is the revolutionary new tech in this light simulator? Ground truth right? So why are there still limits on physical phenomenon?
What can be improved beyond photorealism? User interface. Speed. Niche functions useful for certain industry sectors. As with any renderer, no? I evaluated Maxwell Render Studio from the industrial and product design perspective for four weeks viewtopic.php?f=167&t=45743 and, apart from the bugs listed, came away very much convinced, particularly considering ease of use. Beyond photorealism, what is there to revolutionise?
I think that most features that are needed on a render engine are there already. and other than the typical "need for speed" we ask every time, I think the most needed feature is to have a FIRE engine that can: give you a decent result, biased a bit (so what??) so we can adjust the lights, materials and other tweaks fast and easy. demonstrating FIRE on a simple stupid car is not even near to a typical scene I have in arch-viz interior or exterior, and FIRE is 90% useless unless you select a few simple mass to adjust sun direction or check reflections on a curtain wall. don't care if it's GPU or CPU for that matter. a decent draft engine could be the difference for me, to workflow and to produce simple drafts for clients. the production render will be done at night or weekend anyway.

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