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By Jochen Haug

On the Altair Thea Render homepage "https://www.thearender.com/products/the ... converter/" you can download the new "Thea Substanc Converter" with manual (see Tab "Products"). After converting the *.sbsar file you can insert the Bitmaps (basecolor, normal, roughness, metallic etc.) in the new Maxwell Material via Substance Painter import. Some finetuning, that' s all. Very quick and easy to use. :D

Thank you for the information. I have asked for it in the forum in another thread some weeks ago and i am waiting for it. I hope, this is only a makeshift for a short while. Will there be also the possibility for changes or insert some bitmap files to the Substance files inside the converter?

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By Nasok
Well - you can also use Substance Player - which is a free application made by Allegorithmic - it converts sbsar files into images (you can also tweak exposed parameters of substance file) .. not sure why Thea did their own converter. Substance Player existed since first days of Substance :)

https://www.substance3d.com/substance-player/ - easy 😉

sure, you are right, but the structure of the UI and saving is more comfortable with Thea to Substance V2 as with Substance Player. I have Thea to Substance V1 and Substance Player for a long time and can compare them. If you don't need the Thea.Mat files, you can erase them.

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By Nasok
Not really familiar with Thea's converter, but it looks like it allows you to define size not only in pixels (texture space) but also in meters - which my guess is automatically will shows you how much your texture should be tiled ...
for instance if texture (no matter what size is it) is designed to cover 1 sqm - and you need it to cover more it will give you the tile number or something.

Also it looks like Thea converter automatically creates materials, beside regular textures ... not bad :)

There were no a word on highest texture resolution ? .. is it 8k ?

in my opinion in such converters one of the most important features is normals handling ... basically it allows you to extract and convert normals from source to what ever you need in your render.
Hi Nasok,

yes, it is possible, to create 8K materials. But I don't do it, because they need to much resources.

I have made for me some *.sbsar files with Substance Designer to insert a bitmap (wood, metal, leather ....) in the sbsar-file inside Thea to Substance, some finetuning and I get the material files in a useful quality and saved in a new directory after type in the new name and the material files are ready in their own directory to import in Maxwell. For high quality materials, I create some special files manually in a seperate workflow .
For Thea Render, it generate an original material file (Thea.mat), ready to use. It would be very good, when the integration in Maxwell and the finetuning works in a similar way, we will see.

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