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By Mike Amos 20200501214323
OK, when I give a colour/group a property of an hdri, it scales so there are multiple images on the group when I render. Not sure why. Any tips?
By Mike Amos 20200605091500

I placed a rectangular face outside a window with a flat colour and assigned it a hdri in the emitter range.
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By Forum Moderator
Hi Mike,

That has to do with the default mapping of that object.
If you are trying to map the image 1:1 on the plane without any tiling and fitting exactly to the plane, I'd suggest using the HDRI Light from the toolbar:

SU HDRI Light .png

In this case, it will fit exactly to the plane (Option A in the image below).
On the other hand, if you want to edit the mapping, you will have to save a copy of the hdri image in a format that SketchUp can read (like jpg or png); this way, you can apply it to the SketchUp material so you can see it in the viewport (Option B in the image below), as SketchUp cannot view HDRI images in the viewport; then right-click on the plane, locate Texture entry > Position

SU HDRI Light mapping options .png

You will get to the texture positioning tool from SketchUp:

SketchUp texture positioning.png

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