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By Felix Rothermel

I am quite new to Maxwell and am struggling to create a perforated material. I am trying to create a facade with a star-like, node patterned mesh - alhambra style.

I have created the black and white images - see attached - but am having no luck after hours of messing around ; i have gotten close though!

I would appreciate some guidance on this from anyone willing to help.
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By luis.hijarrubia
Set that map as opacity map of your layer. Black where you want it to be transparent, white where you want material. Inside that layer set a BSDF with the kind of material you want (some kind of metal I guess).

Oh. Leave the 100 as value on the opacity mask, as it works as the maximum opacity the white on the map means.
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By Nasok
Yeah, that's very simple. Once you create a Maxwell material (advanced)
You have layer and inside that layer a BSDF. first I would set up BSDF to be the material you want (metal, plastic, paint, etc) and then you just select the layer itself and add a texture to layer mask - use your image (one of them as a mask) - as Luis mentioned, black will be transparent - white will be revealing the BSDF you just set up.

You can always flip / invert map later if you wish.

One thing to note is make sure you've got a proper UVs, so that your texture will not be stretched :)

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By tom
If you have multiple material Layers and some of their Layer Opacity slots are loaded with textures for other purposes, then you should do the following:
1) Create a New Layer and move it to the top of stack.
2) Set Transmittance = 255, 255, 555 and Nd=1
3) Load your perforation texture into New Layer's opacity slot.

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