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Hi everyone~~

Does anyone know how to create the sea, hair, grass e.g.? Because I saw these effects could be done in maxwell default system, with .mxx file and I could also see the files are already on my laptop. Really appreciate if anyone is helping me to solve this issue.
The following link is the maxwell official website which introduces the possibilities of modifying the extension's features ~~
https://nextlimitsupport.atlassian.net/ ... axwell+Sea
Not sure about in Rhino, but in Studio, you would start at the Top Line Menu item called "Objects." If you pull this down, you should see an option for "Create Extension Object." And one of the "Extension Objects" you can create is "Maxwell Sea."

This will add an Maxwell Sea surface object to your objects list. It comes in rather small, so you then will need to re-scale it, using the Transformations Parameters to fit your scene. Please note that the pivot point is positioned on one of the corners of the sea surface, rather than in the center of this object.

The next thing you might want to do is to apply an appropriate material to the sea surface. There is no default water material, but the Maxwell Resource page has a "Choppy Water" material that you can download. You can adjust the Attenuation setting to make the water more or less transparent. (You want it to seemingly have more depth.) And there are other things you can tweak to get a good effect. If you like, I posted a bunch of free water materials with a slight color tinge to them on my web site http://www.expandingwave.com. (Apologies, you'll have to use some real or fake names to download them as this is a commercial web site.) I can post Realflow's default ocean materials on my website also, if you need them.

After that, you will want to make adjustments to the choppiness and other sea surface parameters as described in the Manual.

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Hello Forester,

I'm afraid the extensions are not available yet in Rhino 6. This means grass, scatter, sea or volumetrics cannot be added to the scene from the plugin yet.

The integrated material editor is almost ready; after that, we want to add the mxs references and the extensions.


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