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By Mark Bell
In our DataCAD system, if a folder(s) is moved and the links to the xrefs (referenced assets) broken, it allows the user to simply redefine the path(s) to point to the new folder location and DataCAD automatically reconnects each xref (asset) path with the original file. I've just moved a folder that Studio was referencing and on opening the file, about 40 pop up windows displayed asking if I wanted to search and link the original files again for each broken link. An improvement would be to implement some auto-redefine-path similar to DataCAD's, so users don't have to reconnect each individual file again, one by one, for each broken link.
Hello Mark,

We have been thinking about the possibility to repath dependencies too recently. However, there are some tricks you can use to automatically repath everything:

Trick #1.- Maxwell, by default, will look for the dependencies in the same folder of the mxs scene, in a folder called textures next to it and then in the paths specifies in Preferences (and three sub-folders deep). With this in mind, the first trick is temporarily moving the base scene file next to the folder where the references are and then open the mxs file in Studio; as the references will be found in the same folder, it will save the paths in the file. You can then save the file and move it back to the original folder and it will detect the references in the saved paths.

Trick #2.- With the same information in mind, you can add the path where the references are stored to Preferences > Paths and then restart Studio (this is important so it acknowledges the new path). It will detect the references there and in its subfolders.

I hope this helps,
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