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By Forester
Its very good! Loads faster, the new license manager is less "fussy" to work with. .....
And thank you for the new "Attenuation" material preview "icon". I do a lot of work with dielectrics, and this is extremely helpful. Also, the new Drapery2 is quite useful.

You folks do excellent work!

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By Mark Bell
Yes, second this....good to see upward and onward movement with Maxwell.

When checking for new updates in the previous version (via Help), the pop up noted "There are no updates available".
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By Forum Moderator
We are glad you are liking it. Thanks! :D

Regarding the Attenuation scene, the best way to check the attenuation (without any kind of distortion) would be to set the Nd to 1 and roughness to 0 so you see it clearly.

Regarding the check for updates option, if I'm not wrong, it was broken before, but it should start working with this version.

Thank you for the nice words! We have passed your message to the developers, which is a great thing as normally we only send them bugs. :P


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