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By choo-chee
hi guys. back then you could convert models using older maxwell versions without the problem of the new licensing approach. so now I'm stuck. I got a sketchup model that no matter what I try seems to open wrong when I export it as FBX or 3DS and try to import it to maya. so I though it would be worth a shot to place a link here for the model and if someone can convert it to maxwell 4 MXS in his licensed maxwell-for-sketchup maybe I'll get the model with correct materials. no matter what I try it seems the floor esp. loses it's materials and unlike the wood-carpet-other stuff shwon on sketchup, it convert as a single material object. maybe other stuff too. so any help appreciated... here's a link for the model. thanks !!
https://www.jumbomail.me/he/Downloads.a ... 3838673D3D
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By Mark Bell
Yep, Nasok's right, give it time as most are probably off enjoying the Christmas-New Year holidays.

BUT...for Next Limit, this is a clear example of why including ALL the import formats as standard would work better than separating them as is currently the case. My office doesn't use or have Sketchup but we do work with SKP files from time to time. Being able to import directly into Studio makes the most sense and usability. If the programmers have created a Sketchup add-on which can import SKP files then why not add this coding to the standard import function for those that don't use Sketchup (or other add-on formats)? For those that use Sketchup, or other add-on software, then it makes sense to purchase the add-ons for the extra features and connectivity offered, but for those that don't use any of those add-on software but have a file format that needs importing, Maxwell falls short in delivering. Adding these add-on formats would be a great step forward and start to 2020. :)
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By Forester
OK, I can get this imported into Maxwell 5 Studio, and into Maya 2020. But, for some reason, I cannot import it successfully into MR4_Sketchup , nor into the Maxwell Studio 4 version.

I suspect it cannot be imported into these Maxwell versions because this model set is way too large in terms of the number of individual objects in it. You seem to have over 9, 293 individual objects in this model.

I first downloaded and installed the latest trial version of Sketchup, and then exported your model from Sketchup into the *.fbx file format. The *.fbx from Sketchup does import into the MR 5 Studio version without any problems - which seems remarkable , given the vast number of individual items. The materials seem to be assigned to the items correctly. The import process required about 12-14 minutes on my computer, which is configured to work with thousands of VFX particles and objects.

But, Maya2020 will not recognize the *.fbx format that is exported from Sketchup. (Not sure why this it will not recognize Sketchup's version of the *.fbx format.)

Then, in order to get your model imported into Maya, I exported it from Sketchup to an *.obj file format . It does import into Maya as an *.obj file, but it has so many individual objects and individual materials that Maya hates it. Nevertheless, I was able to get it into Maya, with all the materials intact.

It appears that you also have many duplicated materials. (The total number of materials seems to be 7,577.) If you really need to work with a file with this vast number of individual objects, Maya and other applications would find the file more manageable if you could assign just one material of each kind to all the objects that require that material. If you like, I can finish reducing this model to a manageable scale in Maya and give it to you. It will take me about an hour to group everything well enough to then reduce the scale to some size that you can work with it in Maya. The number of objects is so large that Maya is only allowing me to enter about a 1,000 items into its cache/buffer at each step of grouping the items. But, this is going to be a difficult file to work with under any circumstance because of the huge number of individual items. In fact, it might be impossible.

This is not my place to provide advice to you since you probably are an experienced model-builder. But, if it were me, I would think about two models. One for overall exterior scenes and renders that omit all the little details on each floor, such as your doorknobs with fully modelled keyholes, and the individual chain links on the chandeliers. For the second model, I would build one with all the interior details for perhaps two or even three of your floors. This second model would be used for more close-up renders of the interiors of your floors. You could add additional details, perhaps for the hallways and such as you need them.

I do not know if a Maxwell Studio 5 model will render in a Version 4 Maxwell renderer, but I'll experiment and let you know if this also might work for you.

Best luck to you!

p.s. Am wondering if it is some strange artifact in Sketchup that causes it to export so many independent duplicates of the same materials. I doubled checked my exports from Sketchup, and it really is exporting 7K materials. This is very strange! Also, the long names of some of the items appear to contribute to the slow reading of the *.obj version.
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By Forester
OK, I have this model in Maya file format for you, if you wish. Just reply if you want it.
Also have an *.fbx file formatted version exported from Maya2020. This version seems to load into Maxwell Render and into Max OK, so it might be a little more standard version that you could try. And, of course, you can have the *.obj file formatted version.

I did learn that we cannot import a model in Maxwell 5 back into Maxwell 4. Sorry about that. :x
Forester wrote:
Mon Jan 06, 2020 11:17 pm
p.s. Am wondering if it is some strange artifact in Sketchup that causes it to export so many independent duplicates of the same materials. I doubled checked my exports from Sketchup, and it really is exporting 7K materials. This is very strange! Also, the long names of some of the items appear to contribute to the slow reading of the *.obj version.
I looked at the model, and the reason for this is that some textures have been positioned/projected -- to get around this, you can group the whole model in sketchup, select the group, and right-click > maxwell > uv coordinates > ignore distortion. Here, you can download the model exported to mw4, in case you still want that.
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By Forester
That's a great expert tip for using Sketchup! Thank you!
I tried it . The resulting export of the model into an *.obj file format went much more quickly. ...and Maya liked the result this time!
Thanks for your expertise - we can all benefit!
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