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By buffalo deal

Which version do you use for those that are on windows?
Because even if I bought MR5 (more to support NL than to be up to date...) I'am still using Maya 2018.6 with maxwell plug-in 4.2.2.
This combo is very stable on my side, even FIRE is working fine.

As i read a lot of confusing post on this forum, I'am very scared about upgrading...waiting for your advices guys...
Thank you

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By Kevin Sauvageau
Maya 2019.1 - Maya 2019.2 work fine with Maxwell 5... Couple minor bugs I've noticed, but nothing major. And definitely doesn't impact usability of main features.

Honestly, I've been using Maya & Maxwell since v1.6 and i've never run into serious stability issues.

PS : Maya 2020 doesn't have a plug-in available as of today...
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By Nasok
choo-chee wrote:
Fri Dec 13, 2019 6:27 pm
still on 2016 with MR 4
I see you're a collector :))

Yeah, I'm using Maxwell's plugin for Maya since 2012 .. and it's fine. It has it's pros and cons - just like any other engine or plugin.
Also I never heard much of complaints about Maxwell + Maya combo. .. Altho maybe it's due to nature of Maya users - we kinda used to hard times ... I mean - remember mental ray 😜 but generally it feels like a stable solution.

My only wish for Maxwell to become node based in Maya - and maybe slight vector towards colour profiles for linear workflow.
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