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I have mixed impressions too. On the one side I am happy to see that Maxwell is still alive. On the other side V4 upgrade was absolutely wasted money for me. There is no difference between V3 and V4 in features except denoiser and VERY limited GPU engine. I bought V4 studio and rhino plugin. Rhino plugin is still unfinished for Rhino 6 (almost 2 years). And since I have still problems to use V3 and V4 simultaneously, I am using just V3.
This time I will wait and think twice before upgrade. Finished GPU engine is nice for sure (promissed in V4), but it is not the reason for me to upgrade. As seghier said "i hope see other new features". If there will be speed improvement in rendering indirect seen caustic of parallel or almost parallel lights (known problem since alpha - as sun caustic seen through dielectrics, or in mirror). Now to see it I have to wait years for full HD image of SL40. It was also promissed in the end of 2005 (do you remember RS2 engine? search.php?st=0&sk=t&sd=d&sr=posts&keyw ... e&start=45 , especially viewtopic.php?f=1&t=10889).
Also there was some words from NL back then here on the forum viewtopic.php?f=1&t=10185 . It was very polite from Victor. We felt very important as a customers. They gave us 4 licenses of V1 instead of one as a compensation.
Times have changed a lot, but I am trying to stay optimistic. Please Victor and NL team - stay with the philosophy to developing breakthrough tool for simulating reality. Don`t just count the numbers, but give it a passion as you did in the past.
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By Tea_Bag
Darren Van Coller 20191004190357 wrote:
Fri Oct 04, 2019 9:19 pm
My username has changed :shock: Oh dear!! :? I am trapped no privilages I am a Newbie again!! :cry:
Boom! My profile is back! it has been awhile for sure but V5 has ruffled my feathers! :)

V4 has been a dissapointment in terms of full GPU implementation and lack of new features not to mention loosing some great plugins along the way! :( I just hope that NL will reconsider putting some of the pugins (Modo, Solidworks etc) on the map again through V5's Development process! Vray is dominating plugins at the moment accross the industry. Intergrated workflows are so important today!

If maxwell cracks full GPU support in V5 I think it will put Maxwell back on the map while also including new features! if possible CPU/GPU Hybrid rendering will be a great milestone! From the V5 videos I have seen there are two render mode buttons CPU and GPU....would it be possible to click both buttons on and have Hybrid CPU/GPU rendering? :?
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By Q2

We missed you.

And yes, I am hoping too that there's support for a hybrid/coop CPU+GPU render mode. That would be awesome ...

Cheers Q!
If you expect so much, then you might be disappointed, I think :?

More realistic seems to me to expect improvement in some areas, for example that more features are now possible by GPU, but it is still not fully a GPU-renderer.....
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By Max
this is baffling..
Received a mail as well with preorder and basically everything missing:

1- No price
2- On my customer portal there is a whole giant page with preoder maxell 5 now, with no info neither any button to preorder
3- No full feature shown

bottom line: No thanks.
Preordering this product, after the v4 fiasco and being quite betrayed as a customer, isnt something that is going to happen for me.
You lost my trust, you want to gain it back? show us the full product we are going to buy and the price.
Enough with marketing mind games.
You fooled me once.
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By Rafal SLEK
rickyinmotion wrote:
Wed Oct 16, 2019 10:35 am
Just receive an email for pre-ordering Maxwell 5 and it seems no c4d version anymore :?
Same with ARCHICAD version, there is no such product for upgrade...
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By Q2
The price is shown when you select an upgrade option!

e.g. Upgrade from Studio 4 to Studio 5 node locked is 236,- €

Pricing seems very reasonable though.
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