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Seghier, could You please make 2 pictures for left and right eye? I would like to see it side by side - 3d in my mobile phone with VR glasses. This holographic material should look in all its glory this way. Thanks. Patrik
Hi Seghier,
You can render 3D 360 SBS by setting camera to stereo cylindrical. Each image should have 2:1 horizontal:vertical resolution. You can then combine both images to one 3D 360 SBS with 4:1 hor:vert. If for example my mobile phone has resolution 2560x1440, and VR lenses have cca 100 degrees viewing angle, resolution of image for each eye should be 2560/2*3,6 horizontal x 2560/2*3,6/2 vertical = 4608x2304 (for left and the same for right). So final 3D SBS will be 9216x2304. If mobile phone sensors can rotate image in sub pixel degree, resolution should be twice as large (2 image pixels per one display pixel. Rendered 3D 360 cylindrical panorama has best 3d effect in horizontal line, so if you setup such render, main subject should be in front of camera in horizontal line, not more than 6m from the camera, because it is cca limit for human stereo vision (with eye distance 65 mm).
Holographic material should create image pattern in deeper space than is the real distance of the material surface. I think it is more about real micro (nano) geometry of the surface than about material itself. It can be simulated with material, but with displacement maps.
That is because I wanted to see it 3D...

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