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I get the temptation to speculate, especially when what we as individuals do not get what we want, how and when we want it. Thing is, nothing can change the fact that priorities change with product design. A product will only ever get 'X' amount of development at a time before something else gets prioritised. How many software titles get developed 100% of the time? How many software titles have bugs going back many years?

Perhaps we need to take a breath an wait for facts to emerge.
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By Q2

I am just hopeing they are doing SOMETHING fairly soon, cause I am looking into other render engines as I write this.

Recently had an animation job and it took forever to render all frames, even with Denoiser on.

Though I have been with Maxwell Render since the first BETA version and still am using it on a daily basis for stills, I have to look for a different render engine for my animation jobs. Especially if I compare MR to all those GPU based and whicked fast render engines like redshift or octane.

I don't want to move on to a new renderer but after the last animation job I just have to, I guess.

But still, one must have dreams... so I am hopeing NL surprises us soon.

Cheers Q!
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By Forum Moderator
pipcleo wrote:technical support certainly seems abandoned
When that happens, it's usually because we are busy with other more pressing things (maybe testing), and that's usually good for you. :wink:

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