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By Raphael Tobar
NVIDIA unveiled their new RTX cards, capable of doing real-time raytracing! This is a total game-changer for the rendering industry in general. Just hoping that the Maxwell team is definitely considering to have its hands on having that tech compatible with this renderer. Really, this is a dream-come-true.

Conference link to RTX unveil:
By Dmitriy Berdnichenko
First they need to make adapt Nvidia OptiX 5.0 with real-time AI denoiser to maxwell, i think it will put them in the same position to other render engine, as Vray already got it and corona is already testing .
By Robert Ley
Maxwell 4.2 first needs to be updated to properly handle Pascal Nvidia cards before anyone worries about new raytracing features. Multiple GPU support, at a minimum needs to be implemented, along with several other functions that work fine with CPU render but not at all with GPU render.

The software needs to walk before it begins to run.
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By Mihai
Is it just me, or do those interior archviz examples look pretty bad? Hello Mentalray of the early 2000s. I mean it's impressive it's real time but if that's the quality....
But whatever they develop, it means faster cards, with more memory, that also Maxwell can take advantage of.
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By Raphael Tobar
Mihai wrote:Is it just me, or do those interior archviz examples look pretty bad?
I agree. That segment was one of the weakest in terms of graphical presentation.
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By flip@skidmore.edu
So- am I right to understand that neither Pascal or RTX cards are supported currently? Is there a pre-release or some such thing out there? We have RTX cards for some deep learning stuff, it would be fun to use them and all... not even for the RT but simply for their CUDA cores...

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