Everything related to the integration for SketchUp.
I've been late to upgrading to MR 4... as I was waiting till I really needed to update SketchUp and kill two birds with one stone! Never fix what isn't broke!

I've installed, uninstalled and installed again to see if there were any installation issues, but this behaviour persists. If a texture is applied to the SketchUp model, fire is no longer responsive to changes made to that material in the plugin scene editor or by switch of linked MXMs.

In fact, texture tiles represented in the scene editor are no longer visually responsive to changes (though the material test scene updates).

The render running in fire will auto-refresh to suggest it is responding to the changes, but any changes will not actually take effect until the scene is re-exported to fire.

This behaviour does not effect any material to which a colour only is applied, including the switching of MXMs - these all still work!
Hi richard,

As far as my usage goes, I have always had to re-export the scene to FIRE after making a material alteration. Sometimes mxm files update automatically when changed in the scene manager, sometimes not. You could try messing around with the Cache Policy options in the scene manager, maybe that will help...

FIRE seems to crash SketchUp 2018 more often than not these days when doing anything else while it is running. Maxwell Studio auto updates, not sure about any of the other plugins.

One of the biggest issues that I raised to JD before he left NL was that when you rename materials in SU2018, it becomes impossible to do anything with them in the scene manager until the scene is closed and re-opened. JD confirmed this and I was hoping a fix would be forthcoming, but that was ages ago. I do hope there is work going on in the background for the SU plugin and info from NL would be most appreciated.
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