Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.
By Lee01
Hello there,
I would like to render the spray of water that follows power-boats like this one in the picture
is it possible with the use of xtentions, emitters or any another method? Thx in advance
By Lee01
Hello Fernando and thanks for reply, is it possible to render or only static images with that method? For lazy people like me, I think that an xtension (only grass and sea so far) with this type of particles would be more simple, than having to learn another engine, or to add the waves with photoshop 8) I find that renderings for outdoor is somewhat unpractical with Maxwell for Rhino with no ground plane, and no dynamic range sort of thing (ie. a far detail in the background has has the same level of calculation of something close-up to the camera)

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By Forum Moderator

What I meant is simulating the splash with a fluid simulator and then get the mesh or particles into Maxwell to render them, as Maxwell does not generate fluid simulations. It can be static, of course.

Regarding outdoor renders, around 80% of my jobs as freelance were outdoor scenes and were done with Maxwell, so I would say its pretty feasible. That said, maybe Rhino is not as oriented to outdoor scenes as other software can be.

Regarding focusing the calculations on a specific part of the image, maybe Extra Sampling feature can be of help: http://support.nextlimit.com/display/ma ... a+Sampling
This allows you continue a render just on part of an image.

I hope this helps.
By Lee01
Hello there, sorry for the late reply,
while I don't like learning another software, I would like to try Cinema 4D to render outdoor scenes with seawater, but the offer is a little confusing. What package do I need? I'm working with Rhino3D and launching Maxwell renders with the the Plug-in.
Thanks in advance,
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By Forum Moderator
Hi Camillo,

There are a lot of programs that can create generate particles simulations. Our in-house products are based on Realflow. As you mention you want to try Cinema4D, we have an integration of Realflow into Cinema4D, which is called Realfow | Cinema4D (logical :P ), we also have our Maxwell integration into Cinema4D (Maxwell | Cinema4D) which altogether makes a good combo.
Cinema4D also has its own way of creating particles simulations, so maybe it's enough for you.
Another option is creating the simulations in Realflow standalone and using the generated particle files inside Maxwell | Rhino as volumetrics. But Cinema is more powerful than Rhino when working with particles.

This is only my personal thoughts, maybe others can give better suggestions.

By Lee01
Ciao Fernando,
thanks for answering, is Cinema 4D good for rendering landscapes? Should I purchase Cinema 4D standalone and Realflow Plugin?
Is Maxwell for Cinema4D necessary? In this case can I reuse Maxwell licence for Rhino?
Regards, C.
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By Forum Moderator
Hi Camilo,
I think Cinema is a good all-purpose application, so I think it could do a good job also for landscapes, but I'm actually no expert in Cinema.
Cinema4D and Realflow plugin is a good combo in my opinion and both are quite easy to handle.
Regarding the question about Maxwell for Cinema4D, if you want to use Maxwell for rendering, I would get it. The plugin is very complete and comfortable. Another option is buying Studio, but that means exporting your geometry out of Cinema and that can be more troublesome.

In regards to what you ask about swapping your Maxwell for Rhino license to a Maxwell for Cinema, I don't think it's possible, but I would ask the sales department (maybe there's a special price for cross-grading).

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