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By acrighton
Hi there,

Having issues with network rendering, having made no changes to my existing, and previously working setup. Each node is detected, but when I send a cooperative job, I get an error as below:

"Cant write file: C:|Users|Appdata|Local|Temp|MXnetwork|Rendernode_XXXXX\filename.mxs"
"Locale settings of this machine might not support this filename".

The filename doesn't matter, as no matter what I name it it doesn't work. I'm running on Windows 10 machines. I'm currently "dead-in-the-water" with jobs to run and no network capability to run them... Urgently need some help....
I am of the opinion that this should never happen. Network rendering, once properly set up and working, should not suffer from total breakdown due to temp files, etc. There should be a way for the render nodes to correct themselves. When the whole farm ends up going down because of one node failing, it's a software flaw not user error or faulty disk cache of logs. It's foolish misery to run around to each machine (or log in to them) to restart the node, or clear log files or restart the machine. A network node should be a rock solid, server quality piece of software and should run as a service anyway.

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Great Thx for the workaround and replies! Cheers.

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