Everything related to the integration for SketchUp.
By JDHill
After initially purchasing Maxwell during its beta so many years ago now, and having had it come to occupy the center of my life ever since, the time has finally come for me to move on to other things, and let others take over where I am leaving off; NL will provide information on the road ahead in due course.

For my part, I will always feel privileged to have had the opportunity of working with such a bright and passionate group of people, and fortunate to have made some of the best friends I will ever have, while doing so.

Lastly, and most importantly, I wish to offer my sincerest thanks to those who have taken the time to post bugs and suggestions in these forums over the years, patiently helping me to improve my plugins; my admittedly idealistic hope is that they have been able to contribute in their small way to making your lives easier, and your work more enjoyable.

By fv
As I also posted on the Cinema board,
really sorry to see you moving on JD. Working with Maxwell, Skechup and C4D I enjoyed your plugins, support and presence here at NextLimit a lot. The plugins you made exceeded expecations on all levels and made us stick with Maxwell for long.
Thanks and all the best,
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By Sheik
Thank you for the great plugin. Was it 2005? It is scary how time flies…
By JDHill
Thanks for the kind words, guys, and especially for the help and ideas you have been so generous to give me over the years.
By numerobis
Very sad to hear this, but understandable. Thank you for all the great work and help over the years with almost 24/7 support for the SketchUp plugin!!!
By JDHill
Likewise, thank you for all your testing, and especially for your tutorials.
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