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By DavidLemelin
Hey there, I have been having trouble getting the denoiser to work while network rendering.

When I render only on one machine, the denoiser cooperates, but send the same render to the network and the denoiser fails.

Has anyone else had similar issues? I'd love to be able to benefit from this new tool, but network rendering is a must.
Hi DavidLemelin,

Could you explain your problem with a little more detail?
How does denoiser fail?
Any error message or console Log?

I have seen denoiser working on network, so maybe we could find how to fix your problem.

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By Mitsurugi
Hey guys,

I am stealing this thread because I also have some issues with the denoiser on Network Renders.

It is kinda funny, sometimes it works, but more often it does not. I get all the necessary files needed for denoising as shown down here:


I do think it has something to do with this merging error I can see in the console of the Network monitor:


I just have no idea what to do about it:) Could someone help me out?
Well, that's just an informative message. It's not actually an error. It should not be called "Warning", to tell the truth.

I have noticed though that checking "Send dependencies" is a must, otherwise the render fails and also if you only use three nodes with Denoiser, the denoised image won't be correct; one of the passes will be black and the denoised image will be very blurry.

Best regards,
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By Mitsurugi
Hey Fernando,

thanks for the reply. I took the question to the customer support yesterday and discovered that the problem was in my other network card that I have in the computer to hook up to the internet. If there is no internet cable in that network card, the denoising process works fine. Super weird, but I guess my problem is with my network setup, not a Maxwell issue, will try to figure it out.

Also, I always use send dependecies:)

Thank you!

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