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By seghier
i choose the name d for the denoised image
when i launched rendering i see in the render window the name d.0130 ( the number of frame )
than the name changed to d in the folder !
can you add feature to allow the denoised image renamed frame by frame like the output image .
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By seghier
thanks Luis ; yes i did that but it render only one image
and for apply denoise at end : -denoiseStartSL:0
than i use this command :
-denoise:on -denoiseStartSL:0 -a:0-10 -o:path\r.png -denoisePath:path\d.png
but every frame the new denoised image replace the old one
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By seghier
i find this solution:
before saving the animation :
- activate the denoiser with apply denoise at end and choose folder to save the results ( for example the name A )
- output image B
after animation exported :
- duplicate the first frame and rename it to its previous frame .
in maxwell render as Fernando suggest :
- open the first duplicated frame.
- in Frames case we write the first duplicated frame and the last frame
after rendering the name of the first duplicated frame will be : A
the other frames have the same names of output images and scenes.
if the name of the scene : s001 , s002 , s003 ....
the name of output images : B.001 , B.002 , B.003 ....
the name of denoised images : A.001 , A.002 , A.003 ... except the first frame
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By Forum Moderator
Err, sorry, I meant in Maxwell Render, right under SL box (Render Options tab), you'll find Frames box. Specify a range of MXS frames to be rendered. For example: 5,8,9 will render frames name0005.mxs, name0008.mxs and name0009.mxs. To render frames 1 through 10, type in 1-10.
Maxwell will process one render after the other.

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By Forum Moderator
No, here it works more or less fine. This is what I've got with a small test I did using this method:

To the first one, some trailing 0000 should be added, but at least it does not overwrite the denoised file.
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By Forum Moderator
Hi Seghier,

An idea that just came to my mind: instead of setting a specific name to the denoised image path, use a macro like %scenename%
It creates the perfect name, as it is based on the scene name.

I just made a test using this as denoised image name: retest_denoised_%scenename%.jpg and I got this (the scene was called "retest_macro"):


So if you just use it as Denoised_%scenename%.jpg it will look very nice.

Here is the list of supported macros: http://support.nextlimit.com/display/ma ... put+macros

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By seghier
it work fine in my laptop ; no network system
before i exported animation with denoiser disabled so i need use a command line :
-denoise:on -denoiseStartSL:0 -o:path\render.png -denoisePath:path\denoised_%scenename%.png
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