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By Gary

Can someone tell me how to navigate in the Portal to upgrade a license? If I go to the webshop from the Portal, I can only buy a new license. I see no way to navigate from the portal to upgrade a license. Am I able to upgrade a v2 license so my v3 license can stay active?

I have sent sales an email but doubt I will hear back from them before the sale is over...


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By dk2079
you should see "my upgrades" on the left menu below "my products"

if you click there it lists your upgrade options.

upgrading v2 should work.
By Gary
No luck. I click on my upgrades and I see "Please, contact your reseller to upgrade your licenses"... but when I click on "My Products" I see all my licenses listed...
By ChewyPixels
I'm having the same problem as Gary. Black Friday promo in full effect yet no way to upgrade my Maxwell v3 license. :(
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By Aniki
Yes, same here.. upgrading option gone again.. will probably pop up after the sale..
By ChewyPixels
Contacted support yesterday but with the weekend I highly doubt they will get back to me before the end of the promo.
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By dk2079
I still see my upgrades, but there are only credit card payment options :/

so I also opened a support ticket.
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By Asmithey
Strange....Black Friday upgrade worked fine for me.
By photomg1
Just thought I'd check the price for me.Logged in no upgrades available to me either ..... only option is to go to the store and pay the same as a new user.(I dont think i'll do that)

nice to know my years of purchasing support have been appreciated :D
By photomg1
ok this is now fixed :D

but now looking at this why is it 189.50 euros for for 10 nodes for a current user , where as for a new user its 95 euro's ?
By Gary
This is still not working for me. When I try to upgrade through the portal I get the same message I originally noted in my first post above.

By ChewyPixels
Ditto, same problem. On the plus side, it does look like my support ticket is currently being worked on.

NextLimit is bound to lose some potential sales here. Guess running a business is not that important. :roll:

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