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By lifeofdave
Hi All

I'm trying to extract the Maxwell version used to create an scene from the MXS file and I'm struggling to find a way to do it.

I've tested pymaxwell getMxsVersion() with MXS files from a few different versions of studio and I get the following results: 2.13000011444 2.13000011444 2.15000009537 2.15000009537 2.15000009537

So it seems getMxsVersion can show the difference between major updates such as 3.1 and 3.2, but not minor updates such as and

Is this a bug or something intentional? Is there any way I can get the specific version number from an mxs file?


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By Brany
The MXS version is for the file format version, not the applicacion used to generate it. In order to maintain compatibility we don't change the MXS version between minor versions of Maxwell Render, as you can see, so you can save a MXS with Studio, and open it with Studio

So, answering your question, we don't store the Maxwell/Studio version used to save a MXS, so you can't find out the four version numbers of the Maxwell Render version used to save a MXS.

Why do you need that?
By lifeofdave
I run a render farm and noticed an issue with opening MXIs rendered with higher versions of Maxwell, however on reconsidering this it may just be an issue with the latest beta. I'll try and explain so it's a little clearer.

It seems that MXIs rendered using can be opened fine in, however MXIs rendered in the beta can't be opened in (when I try I get an MXI cannot be read error). So as a precaution I wanted to make sure we always render using exactly the same version of Maxwell so that the customer can still open the MXI even if they have an older version, and to do do that I need to detect from the MXS what version the file is made in.

So my question is, should be able to open MXIs rendered in Or is there a bug preventing this?

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By Brany
Indeed, MXIs created with Maxwell Render >= are not compatible with Maxwell Render <= We had to break backward compatibility changing the MXI file format (v1.70 -> v1.71) to solve a bug with artifacts in Color Multilight.

We apologize, because this incompatibility is not showed in the release notes of the "early build".

Anyway, we strongly don't reccommend using "early build" versions in production. Take into account that "early build" versions are untested!
By lifeofdave
I hear you on the running early builds in production, this was on our beta platform!

For now I think we'll try and work out the version in our client side application that packs the scene up. To me it's unfortunate that the MXS version remains the same between two releases even if the MXI file format has changed. Is there any chance in a future release a method could be added to the sdk to get the mxs version? This would make it easier for us to make sure we're rendering an mxi the customer will be able to read if they aren't up to date with the very latest maxwell.

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