Hi Maya/Maxwell users,

I am dropping a note here to let you guys know that HDR Light Studio 5.3 is released and has added a major new feature - the creation and control of area lights/emitters.

This is compatible with our Maya plug-in and works perfectly with Maxwell Render. As you light your shot in HDR Light Studio, the HDRI map is updated and area lights are built. We create the geometry and emitter shader on the fly, and map our content onto the light. It works seamlessly and makes lighting a real joy, see the lighting update in the FIRE view whilst driving the lighting from HDR Light Studio.

Please do check out our blog post which includes a video on how it works:
https://www.lightmap.co.uk/blog/press/l ... tudio-5-3/

Best regards
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Just to clarify guys, we are talking here about using HDR Light Studio with Maya > Maxwell Render.
Our plugin creates polys with maxwell emitter shaders in Maya, thereby creating area lights/light cards (whatever you want to call them), these are created in real-time in Maya as you work in HDR Light Studio. I think it makes sense when you watch the videos.

We currently don't have plans to bring this to Maxwell Studio.

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