Everything related to Maxwell network rendering systems.

I just bought Maxwell 3 and the installation and licencing seems fine- the monitor and Manager seem to find the node on the node machine but only the node on the licensed machine is rendering. It doesn't get past "New Job order received" on the node machine. her ear ethe logs on the ill fated node as well as the manager on the server machine:

oh, I cannot see how to attach the html lof files)


both are Win7 64 bit machines.
thakns for suggestions!

Hi Peter,

It most probably means that the node cannot find the dependencies (textures, ies files, etc).

I would first make sure that mxs, mxi and image output have network paths instead of local and then check the box to send dependencies.

Let me know how it goes.


Hi Fernando,

It is a network path for all three.

but you are right that the dependencies isn't working. It says they are missing files although I went through each material and updated and chexked that the MXED's were correctly linked to theirttextures. I also tried to make sure all the files are in shared folders. all of this worked in previous version (2).

do you have any other ideas?


Ok I did deep debug while the Node was 'stalled' anbd it said this:

[15/December/2015 23:27:39] Scene:\\I7\travail\PROJECTS\Deux Magots i7\2M Maxwell\Deux-Magots_Model_02 Perse 1-3 Maxwell\Deux-Magots_Model_02 Perse 1-3 40.mxs not found yet. Waiting for more dependencies...
this problem remains. i bought the latest FormZ and Maxwell, and everthing worked except my one rendernode...same error messages as before..

I should add that for this particular test project, there were no dependencies. and it renders fine in Maxwell(not network)

It's friday and I am late for a project because of these difficulties. I NEED to have this working over the weekend. Can ANYONE please provide some help of feedback. As per Mihai's instrctions I will try to outline - in a streamlined fashion my situation if the previous posts in this thread are not sufficient.

2 PCs Win7 64bit i7CPU - updated video card drivers. the 2 PC's aren't 'exactly ' the same machine but have run together network rendering in V2.7 of everything perfectly fine in past years.

one runs Manager, Monitor, and Node1 nin v
the other is a Node2

If I try to network render with a simple model (no dependencies) , the render starts and progresses for the machine with Node1.

Node 2 is recognized by monitor and manager- all the messages show that t is running correctly. It receives the render, is shown in the monitor as "rendering", but no SL progression , and in the messages for node two there are no new messages after "render job received"...

all prefs have been reset to default - the port range is 45454

I checked my firewalls and they all seem to have the correct exceptions(or the Node probably wouldn't even show up on the Manager PC..)

I would be willing to pay for consulting to get my network fixed, but based in Paris, I don't know who I would call.

I cannot work, and i need to pay my bills...like everyone else.


Thanks, i wasn't seeing that option because Ididn't realise I needed to scroll down the window. by checking that option to send dependencies, it still doesn't work, however. it seemed to start, but in milliseconds I got this error message:

[09/January/2016 19:13:31] Connection for scene file reception.
[09/January/2016 19:13:31] DEPENDENCY RECEIVED: learn__View_1_4.mxs
[09/January/2016 19:13:31] Dependency marked as received: learn__View_1_4.mxs
[09/January/2016 19:13:31] Entering in allDependenciesReceived..
[09/January/2016 19:13:31] ...all dependencies received!
[09/January/2016 19:13:31] Scene path: C:\Users\O'BRIEN\AppData\Local\Temp\mxnetwork\rendernode_NODE-1\learn__View_1_4.mxs
[09/January/2016 19:13:31] Time: 30
[09/January/2016 19:13:31] SL: 25
[09/January/2016 19:13:31] Connecting to render process: Binding to port: 45463
[09/January/2016 19:13:31] Start rendering process...
[09/January/2016 19:13:31] Maxwell rendering process started successfully.
[09/January/2016 19:13:31] Notify to manager dependency was received: learn__View_1_4.mxs
[09/January/2016 19:13:31] QWidget: Cannot create a QWidget when no GUI is being used
[09/January/2016 19:13:31] ERROR: Render process failed! Exit code: 1

I tried re-installing the Node, and still the same. I have noticed that when i start of the node on the node machine it takes longer to open than in Past versions- like 10 seconds or so.

anyway- I still cannot render through my network!!! ugh


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