Everything related to Maxwell network rendering systems.
By lalllall
Im kind of new to Maxwell and maybe im doing something wrong but
I have a problem with the network monitor not updating when im rendering
over the network. The network manager has the correct informations and
the mxis are in the output folder but when i look at the monitor everything
seems stuck.
Below are 2 pictures, the render is clearly at fram 14-18 but the monitors says
its stuck at fram 9 -12

Monitor: Image
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By dk2079
have you tried closing & reopening of the monitor?

it happens to me, not often. but sometimes the monitor looses connection to the manager or for some other reason stops updating.

usually when I close & reopen things are displaying fine again.(the manager actually runs the whole render process once the job is sent; you can also open several monitors on different computers)
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By dk2079
alright, as long as the manager is alive it is fine.

you might want to have a closer look on the (default)ports that are being used. there must be a reason for why the monitor looses connection. could also be network/switch overload, packet collisions, firewalls,...

..... help please ..... :mrgreen:

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