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By Steve Jepson
Is the ArchiCAD plug-in for 19 ready yet for testing ?
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By Steve Jepson
Yes. Since last February or so in Alpha, 4 Beta Versions, and now it is in RC1 (Release Candidate) version. Top secret of course :D
Beta Testing is officially over but I don't think we are allowed to say much about it yet. It will still have the same C4D (CineRender) engine as 18.
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By Steve Jepson
It would be nice to have the plug-in but not essential. I can still get the model into Maxwell Studio. And I was not using the add-on for much more than a convenient export tool anyway.
Lighting is going to be better with the HDR Light Studio 5 too, so exporting lights is not important to me. I am curious though how the new ArchiCAD Surface Tool might affect my work flow with Maxwell. My guess is that I will still want to do this in Maxwell Studio rather than in ArchiCAD.
By Romans
Thanks Márton!

One question: are these V18 issues fixed?

- Plugin doesn't read properly Maxwell material information from AC. Will be fixed by Graphisoft
- Referenced scenes are rotated in FIRE view"
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By Rafal SLEK
Marton Day8 wrote:I have uploaded the latest build to the Early Build site.

It is compatible with AC19.

I like it!
By sinatropus
Can somebody confirm a bug in the following workflow? When using Surface Painter palette to open Surface Settings via right click, it doesn't save the changes to the Surface under Maxwell Render Engine even though it is showing them modified when the Surface Settings are opened again. Only after trying to render or to export to the Studio it appears still the same in Maxwell. Also when the AC file is saved and opened again, the changes disappear from the Surface Settings. When opening the Surface Settings directly, the changes are saved to the surface. It's a shame if it's not working because the Surface Painter palette is much faster to work with thanks to being always visible, for the visual feedback and also for the picker.

AC 19 3003, ac2mxs 3.1.3, MR
By Marton Day8
You are right, it is strange why AC handles its own dialog differently from Surface Painter.

I will try to fix it.

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By Steve Jepson
There is a problem with how it works with the ArchiCAD 4011 update.
When Studio opens the ArchiCAD file it shows the model double and in different views. It can be fixed in Studio by making a new camera and making that camera active. You can test this by switching back and forth between the ArchiCAD camera and the new camera.

I post this info here because I am not sure if it is an ArchiCAD bug or a plug-in bug. The plug-in does not work at all for Fire when I use it. ?

To test it open ArchiCAD place any 3D object - view in 3D use the add-on to open the view in Studio - Fire will display 2 images where there should be one, and those views don't match the camera.

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