By AlexP

Is is possible to disable HDRI background channel preview in viewport? There was option for that in older plugin version, but can't find it now.

By JDHill
If you open the Maxwell Environments toolbar, you should find a "None" button with a red X on it, this should disable the IBL viewport display.
By kami
could it be possible that this setting is not stored into the file settings? because I'm having a file with an hdr background and I have to disble the background every time, I reopen that file.
By JDHill
Yes, this is not stored in files, but the behavior should be the opposite of what you describe: if you open a document and want to view IBL in the viewport, it should be necessary to click one of the "Enable Channel" buttons in the plugin's Environments toolbar. Is it possible that you have some script or command set to run automatically when you open documents?

Great! Thanks for the info. Craig

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