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By Hillmeister
Is there a way to remotely start up nodes after they crashed and were "killed" or is it be possible to make the node restart itself?

Thanks :mrgreen:
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By zoppo
You could either use VNC or you could try "RestartMe", a little program that watches processes and restarts them if they crash.
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By Q2
Same here...

I installed "Restart", but I don't know how to add the maxwell render node app to the restart selection, since the node app program icon is not listed in the maxwell folder under programs.

Any ideas on what I am missing?

Cheers from Munich

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By dk2079
Q2 wrote:node app program icon is not listed in the maxwell folder under programs.
the node icon actually executes this string: (r-click on icon)
"C:\Program Files\Next Limit\Maxwell 3\mxnetwork.exe" -node
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By Q2

Yes I know, but I am unable to add this string (-node) to the restart program.... any ideas on how to do that?
I can only add the mxnetwork.exe but not mxnetwork.exe -node .


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By dk2079
sorry, i thought you were missing the startup arguments because you asked about the node icon.

had a quick check but it looks like restartme can't handle it.

you can try one of these

https://www.raymond.cc/blog/keep-applic ... en-closed/

restartOnCrash works as long as you only run the node on the machine because it is still monitoring just "mxnetwork.exe" and if it crashes it won't know if monitor, node,etc. but you can define to restart a with -node in that case.

hoffe das haut hin ;)

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