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By stir
Is there a way to offset the sequence, in MxVolumetric VDB innside 3ds max?

We have object animating from frame 200 - 500
We export these object as SD files to realflow.
Realflow then sets the animation range to 0 - 300

So when i then put the VDB and simulation back in to max things are 200 frames off.
I'm not a realflow guy, so i'm just asking if there is a easy way to fix this in 3Ds Max instead of going in to realflow again to offset it.


Since I am already asking about stuff related to Volumetric i thought i add the second question here to.
Is there some way to put a hold frame on the VDB sequence?

Right now we have simulated out 50 frames. during these 50 frames the volume we want is filled up and we are ready to render. The camera/render sequence is on 300 frames.
That means we can render from 0-50 then we start getting errors, saying the volumetric cant find the VDB file and so on.
what we want is for it to keep reading the last file (that's file 50) as a holdframe.

The workaround for now is to duplicate that file 250 times, then rename them in a sequence...... renaming ain't the bad part....the bad part is that the file is 1gig in size and will now take up 250gig of space when it could have just reused that 1.

again i hope its just me overlooking something here.

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By Mihnea Balta
I've added a frame offset parameter on the volumetric object for this purpose. Its value is added to the current frame when the file name is computed, so in your case you should set it to 200. It also accepts negative numbers, in case you want to move the sequence back in time. Please download version 3.1.6 from the early builds site and let me know if it solves the problem.

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