Everything related to Maxwell network rendering systems.

I'd like to use the 'Materials' section in the 'Attributes Panel' to globally define a mxm for the default material.

This works fine within local single render jobs.

With a network render job (cooperative) I found no way to make it work.
In a network render job the setting for the default material is ignored.

Can anybody help?
Any ideas?

Thank you in advance
Are you sure that default material is being sent to the nodes? Have you tried with send dependencies on? The nodes simply render a scene with Maxwell, so any settings in that MXS files are read the same, whether you are rendering locally or through Network. I would try to transfer that MXS to a render node, start Maxwell there and try to render the scene (just locally on that node, not through Network) - see if it renders with the default material or not. If it can't find it, you need to maybe place this MXM in a networked folder and link to it using UNC path: \\thecomputer\mxm folder\default.mxm
I'm pretty sure, that the material is not sent to the nodes. Although I always make the checkmark 'send dependencies'.
I'm not sure, what you mean with "transfer the mxs to a render node manually". Do you mean 'copy it manually' over the network or do I do it with some mechanism within Maxwell Network monitor? If I copy it manually everything is just as you expect: the link to the default material that is embedded in the mxs doesn't work anymore, so Maxwell renders with the standard default material instead. So I will try to generate a UNC path (I'm not sure, if this works in a Mac network.).
Thank you so far - I will keep you informed.
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