By davidhughesarchitect

I am not an experienced user of maxwell but I upgraded to 3.1 and it appears in studio that the materials editor does not have the wizard option any more.

Can anyone confirm if this is the case or am I doing something incorrectly?
By nachob
Hi David,

Since Maxwell v3, wizards disappeared and all that functionality is now accessed through material types. Material types are like permanent wizards that let you change the values in a oriented way.

best regards,

By JDHill
[Nacho is too quick :) ]

The old wizards have basically been replaced by the new "Material Assistant" types, which function much the same as a wizard, but are not a one-shot type of thing -- rather than taking simplified input and producing a regular MXM material, the interface keeps the simplified format, with the material being created on demand inside the engine. Later, if you want to convert to a regular MXM, you can do so by clicking the Convert to Advanced button. For more information, please see the video here.
By andyjacobs
Seems like the convert to advanced button has disappeared, is that correct? How can we use the material wizard then add another layer over the top, like a label over glass etc.

By JDHill
It may also be that you're using the material editor inside the Rhino plugin, where that function is accessed by right-clicking in the layer tree and choosing Convert to Custom.
By andyjacobs
Got it, turned out the parameters window is divided in 2 and the bottom window is blank. I didn't notice a scroll bar on the parameters part of the window, so the button was only just not visible.
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