I´m using 3DSMax 2014 and the Use Ghost Bsdf on MXLights don´t work, somebody works it?

In max 2015 is worst... just when create a MXLight crashes the program? I´m me or happens to evererybody?

In Maya 2015 works perfectly but using Hidden from Camera the button Use Ghost Bsdf seems don´t have effect too...

Well viewing the behaviour in maya I can do the same in 3DSMax... but is correct... and in this way Use Ghost Bsdf button don´t work?

And another last question... What´s writed inthis line of the Maxwell object properties? it´s impossible to throught down the slider to see it... I think is hidden to reflection& refraction....but...


Thanks & Greetings
Tested and 2015 crash is solved

But button Use Ghost Bsdf don´t work... happens the same way, don´t affect for nothing this button... nothing in 3ds max 2014 nothing, in 3ds max 2015, and nothing in maya 2015.

And another bug I found in MXLights is that the the Height&Wight of Area Lights is double than the number we can see, for example if I put a MXLight (Area) 20x20 and a plane 20x20 and the result is this... really is the middle of the Height&Wight of Area Lights


Because if I put a the MXLight (Area) 20x20 and a plane 40x40 the result is them match perfectly.



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There was a problem with the Nd exported by the plug-in for the ghost BSDF layer. This is fixed in the version I've just uploaded to the early builds area (3.0.34) and the ghost BSDF works as expected. Note, however, that the plug-in documentation is unclear when it says that the emitter will become invisible to camera when a ghost BSDF is present. The purpose of the ghost is to make the emitter transparent if you lower the intensity, or, in other words, to make it invisible if the intensity is 0. To make the emitter invisible to the camera, use the "Hidden To Camera" flag instead. We will update the documentation to clarify.

The latest build also solves the problem with the size of the area rectangle, and the truncation of the object properties UI.

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