By _ian
The way MR interprets the SWx camera seems to be wrong. In SWx you can position your camera by aiming it at a target point and set the camera relative that point. Or, you can position the camera in space and aim the camera towards the object you want to see. In either case MW uses the target point to determine the focus distance instead of using the "L" value (aka: Distance to View Rectangle) under "Field of View". This especially odd when you position/aim the camera (2nd method) and there is no visible target point, but it does exist, and MR uses it to focus.

I find it easier to position the camera by aiming at a target. Most of the time this is not where I want to focus. It would be nice if the focus distance could be set independent of the target point.

Is there an advantage to the way MR interprets the SWx camera?

I can post screen shots if the moderator allows it.

- Ian
By JDHill
I couldn't say, without doing some research, whether it's possible to accomplish what you want, but I can look into it. From what I gather, the best case would be a switch in the camera, which would cause it to use the distance to view rectangle, rather than the actual camera target, and failing that, probably an explicit target distance set manually in the camera parameters.

(regarding screenshots, you'd need to upload them somewhere (imageshack or similar) and link them using [img][/img] tags.)
By _ian
Below are 3 different camera setups and the resulting rendered images. As you can see the "L" value has no effect. I believe that Cameras 1 and 3 should put the closest corner of the cube in focus.

Camera 1 Settings

Camera 1 Rendering

Camera 2 Settings

Camera 2 Rendering

Camera 3 Settings

Camera 3 Rendering
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