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By deadalvs
Hi !

I'm still working on a large project on v2.7.20. Thus I did not update yet.

How does v3 compare to v2 speed-wise, on the same scene ? ( voxelization, preprocessing, render speed )

Please let me know ..

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By dariolanza
Hi Matt,

Yes, there are interesting speed improvements in v3.

And on the most complicated scenarios -particularly where the voxelization of the masses is complex (intersecting objects, hair, motion blur...)- we've registered speed improvements way higher than 50%.

Enjoy v3!

Dario Lanza
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By deadalvs
Very cool,

because I need to check out V3 because I run into memory issues with non-instanced geometries ( vegetation ).. have to find a different route in my pipeline.

sounds VERY promising !

btw, regarding voxelization:
would it technically be possible to 'cache' the voxelization data - as a 'GI cache' - to be able to skip the voxelization process completely between frames, if only the camera is animated in the scene ? Or does the voxelization depend on the camera position ?
Reason for why I ask this is that in my scenes, voxelization itself took between 10-15 minutes, before the rendering imer even starts ..

thanks again,


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By dariolanza
Hi dedalvs,

Technically is not impossible to store the voxelization to disk (although it is not developed yet) but that information would take as much space in disk that the read time of that info would take a similar amount of time than the actual voxelization.

Anyway, and as the voxelization doesn't depend on the camera position (only objects positions) we are thinking in ways to reuse it.


Dario Lanza

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