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By hri
I became a character, which i have to render in Maxwell.. It came with multiple UV Tiles.. I never did this before and searched the web for some solution and didn't find anything related to Maxwell..??

As maxwells materials have layers by nature, there is no problem to multiply the same material layaer with opacity mask for the UVs and to offset the UV Frame of each one to match the position of the right tile. So you can have Bump, Color, Specular etc.. But waht to do with the Displacement. There could be only one tile for the whole material..

I found for me only two actually tedious solutions:

1. To accurately scale down the UVs and to put together all Textures in one huge texture. The textures i became have 4k and i want to preserve all of the details, which means one 8K texture.. for Displacement :shock:

2. To assign the same materiel per-face with different UV Frame offset. This one i tested and it is working fine with some harmless seems issues.

Are there really no other better solutions for multiple UV Tiles in Maxwell?

I would be grateful for some ideas..
By itsallgoode9
Unfortunately right now those are you two options really, unless somebody has a weird workaround I haven't heard about. I'm in your same boat about displacements...currently working on displacement files that are in the 10,000-20,000 pixel size and it's an absolute nightmare.

Please voice your concern about this issue in the following thread: ... =2&t=40649 in the "wishlist" section. It's something I'm trying really hard to get Next Limit to implement.
By hri
Thanks for your feedback.. After all i am glad I've tried everything possible to achieve this.. I almost thought i am missing something so simple and obvious in Maxwell..

It is quite strange they still don't have this feature.. This way of dealing with UVs is actualy very flexible.. I am doing stills and for me is very important to have grate amount of details. And as i often have closeups on some part of one peace models, where i need this high detail only in the closeup area and the rest of the model could be with lower resolution is multiple UV tiles probably the best way to manage this..

I will now visit the wishlist..
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