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By Gary

Banging my head against the wall trying to create a good mxm for this material. it is 6mm glass with wavy faces to obscure transparency and has a wire mesh in the middle of it. Wire mesh is on a 25mm grid. Any help is appreciated!


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By JDHill
Here's what I would try first: the glass would be pretty standard (it looks quite green), with some (very subtly) mapped roughness, a higher-frequency wavy bump map in the BSDF, and a lower-frequency wavy normal map in Global Bump. I don't have any maps for this, and so would need to make them. I would model the wire (maybe just using a clip-mapped plane) and make a separate material for that.
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By simmsimaging
I would just add: you may want/need to separate the UV's for the front and back of the glass and only add the bump to the *back*. Often glass has that bumpy quality in the refractions but the outer surface is quite smooth so this works well. I use that approach a lot on things like bottles.

A good place to start for your base bump map is the one from Jomaga's awesome material on in the repository: ... arch=glass bottle&v1=0&v2=0&tipo=


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