By Lynchon
Hi there,

1: Using mxm reference materiels is ignored by the plug-in, either using Mfire or launching Mrender.

2: Im trying to render a scene which has 100.000 poly (not that big) and AC crashes when export begins. Dont know why because exporting it into 3ds and rendering directly from studio works fine.

Thanks for any help.
By Lynchon
Ok, seems that it only craches when i use the new maxwell button inside the new pallete, launching from the archicad menu seems to work ok... sooooo strange...
By Lynchon
materials work fine now... i should wait a little before posting anything else :P
By Marton Day8
What has happened with the materials? (What have you done to make it work?)

About the crash - could you send me the scene to check? (Is it a windows or OSX system?)

By Lynchon
i didn't do anything ... they just started to work correctly, but theres still this thing that slows down my workflow, it seems there is no way to keep AC mapping when you use referenced mxm, that forces me to change tiling for every map in the shader with no preview in the scene.

I wish i could send you the scene but my office is kind of strict with sending out material, but i can tell you im in a OSX system (imac 27, 8gb ram).
By Marton Day8
I have added AC mapping for mxm files already, it will be part of the next update.

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