Please post here anything else (not relating to Maxwell technical matters)
Name: Andreas Lechthaler
Age: 39
From: Nenzing in Austria
Family: Wife, son (16) and daughter (15).
Worked with 3d: since 23 years (Inshape3D on Atari STE, then LW, IDEAS, Inventor, SolidWorks and finally Modo)
Worked with Photorealism: not really needed (but very interesting...)
Why: I use 3D visualization mainly to communicate technical concepts and ideas. Some times the results are as well used in grafic design and 3D animations/simulations. 3D grafic is fun as long as I don´t try to get last 10% (photorealism).
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By RobMitchell
Somehow completely missed this topic. :p

Name: Rob Mitchell.
Age: 22.
From: Warwickshire, England.
Worked with 3D: Since late 2007. [Solidworks]
Worked with Photorealism: Been working at it since 2008... Not quite there yet. [Maxwell Render]
Why: I started off as graphics designer working in 2D, and I've always been drawing and into art since I was very young. Moving to 3D modelling and (trying to) produce photorealistic renders is just another way for me to create art.

... Plus I'm into videogames and it would be nice to try and recreate some of that stuff sometime. :p
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By Tok_Tok
Hey great topic, let me tell you my story:

Name: Joep Swagemakers, Student
Age: 22
From: Hoogerheide, Holland.
Worked with 3D: 3D Studio Max, XSI.
Worked with Photorealism: It started in 2004 I think, at school. I was still using Brazil R/S back then.
Why: As a kid I always wanted to be an inventor, familiar story for some people here i think, so I first got into 3D animation and then found out that Industrial Product Designing was the closest
to an inventor I was gonna get. And now, I'm still struggling getting there. (But it's going great, don't worry ;))
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By David Solito
Name: David Solito
Age: 32
From: Belgium, but living in Luxembourg
Family: My girlfriend and my Apples :P (MacPro, Macbook Pro)
Worked with 3d: I started very young at the age of 14. Fascinated, I wanted to do my job. Working in special effects, film. I discovered 3dstudio on dos ... and this was beautiful, a dream. After my studies in graphic design, I worked in an advertising agency in Luxembourg for 7 years. After seven years of loyal service, I decided to create a new agency with two colleagues.
Today we are a team of 10 people working for local and international clients.
Worked with Photorealism: not yet. I begin
Why: As an agency, we try to offer what's best for our customers. And I would like to develop within the agency a section for product visualization. Maxwell is a natural choice to finally get there. Obviously, I have a long way, but I count on the wealth of this community to achieve it.
By wfstecko
Name: Walter Stecko
Age: 52
From: Canada
Family: Divorced, so I replaced the old noise with an umbrella cockatoo and a cockateil.
Worked with 3D: I took up 3D a year ago as a hobby. I work as a network administrator.
Worked with photorealism: About 2 weeks since I bought MR.
Why: I wanted to start creating something rather than spend the rest of my life explaining to end users why they can't scan documents by holding them up to their monitor. If things go the way I'd like I'll eventually get good enough at this to do some freelance work.
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By Chris Krüger
Name: Chris Krüger
Age: 24
From: A small place in Norway, not far from Oslo actually
Family: Engaged for four years
Worked with 3d: About 3 years
Worked with Photorealism: About 1 year.
Why: Because it is fascinating :P
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By Chris Krüger
Maximus3D wrote:Welcome to the Maxwell forum Chris :) good to see a viking aboard.

/ Magnus
Hey and thanks Magnus :) Sweden is also known for some Vikings, I believe :wink:
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By Chris Krüger
Bubbaloo wrote:At first I thought you were from Minnesota. Nice to have you aboard.
Thanks Brian. I'm glad to be aboard.Why did you think i was from Minnesota ? :P
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By Chris Krüger
Bubbaloo wrote:The Minnesota Vikings NFL team, of course! :mrgreen:
Ah :lol: it is said that Vikings visited America, maybe they left someone behind :mrgreen:
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By macray
Hervé wrote:he he Stefan, page 9 you only like Maxwell... page 10 you love it... I call this progress... hehe.. :D :wink:
yepp. progress made... and because it was 3 years ago:

Name: Stefan Rosenkranz
Age: 33
From: born in germany, living there in Dresden... atm near Brussels (here for more than a year now)
Family: no, my gf just dumped me.
Worked with 3d: since Reflections 2 and Real3D on an Amiga 500
Worked with Photorealism: messing with something like this since Cinema's Radiosity was out, but mainly my work is done in some kind of sketch render to show the illustration part
Why: to fill the time and because I love it (doesn't mean I'm good even if I do it for more than 10 years)
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By dkalna
Name: Dalibor Kalna
Age: 37
From: Bern, Switzerland
Family: married + 2 sons
Worked with 3d: since 2008
Worked with Photorealism: since 2011
Why: I love the idea of creating something that does not exist in reality. This is actually my first post on this board... :-)
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