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Hi all,

I've decided to improve my lighting on 2 of my gallery renders - The iPod and plug as there is definitely room for improvement!

Here are the changes that will be made: (Final Images will be posted on page 1)

Old iPod Render

Old Plug Render

The plug update has been added to the gallery just waiting for the
iPod to cook and ill post that soon!

Ps Speakers will be improved soon too!
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def4d wrote:Serious improvements, well done!
(i just don't like the green floor for the shuffle)
Thanks Man! Going back to do these improvements I also started disliking the floor and your comment has made
my mind up to change it! Any particular colour before I experiment? White and black gets used alot so I wont try those! :)
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I agree I like my iPod render again with the warmer colour! - As for the orange colour I've desaturated it now and looks much better! :D ... 9&start=30

The yellow tint isn't as pronounced now!
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