By Josephus Holt
JD, you clearly showed me how to do this with the Rhino plugin using the animation toolbar, but how do I do the same thing in C4D (set up multiple views of the same scene and render out all in one night...while I'm sleeping)?
By JDHill
Hi Joe, since Cinema has its own robust animation capabilities, the plugin does not provide extra tools like the animation toolbar in Rhino - so it has no similar function to the one you used in Rhino. You could mimic what the Rhino plugin is doing manually though:

- choose an output name that follows the format filename_xxxx where xxxx would be 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004, etc.
- position your camera for the 0001 shot and export an MXS
- position yoru camera for the 0002 shot and export an MXS
- (repeat for all views)
- open MXCL from your Start menu
- from the File menu, open the first MXS
- find the Animation > Frames box in the Render Options tab and enter the frame range you want to render, i.e. 1-8
- click Render

That should get MXCL thinking you're rendering an animation, even though all the MXS files are really unrelated to one another.
By Josephus Holt
Thanks JD for your very clear explanation (as usual)...will try this tonight.

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