hi ..

is there a way to convert maya's shaders like blinn or phong directly into an mxm node ?

if not that'd be my wish ..

* * *

i just imported a model that's using the normal maya nodes and is actually rendered more or less correct in maxwell. but i'd like to know how exactly those connections are made when the conversion to mxm is made before rendertime.

maybe you guys could add a «convert to mxm» command in the RMB-context menu when hovering over those shader nodes in the outliner ...

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By Mihnea Balta
You can convert the native shaders to Maxwell Material nodes with the "shader type" dropdown. You can also look at the maxwellShaderTypeHook.mel file to see exactly how the translation works.
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By deadalvs
sweet ! thanks, i'll look into those tips !
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By deadalvs
oh, btw... is there a list available which utility nodes are supported ?

i guess there are none supported since mxe also just works just with plain maps.

another question: does maxwell support mip-mapping for ram optimization ?

Great! Thanks for the info. Craig

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