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By oz42
I'm doing a render of some casino chips and although this material is an early test it highlights a serious problem - if you instance a model any displacement map in the material disappears; not only on the instance but on the original object as well!

Can someone please confirm that this is an issue and that it is being looked at - Cheers,

Original chip, all text and bumps by displacement map

Instance the chip and raise it up (so you can see the original chip, below) and now everything has gone, even on the original unaltered chip!?
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By Mihai
This is a current limitation in Maxwell, displacement + instances are not supported. But it looks like in this case bump or normalmapping would be enough?
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By oz42
Mihai, thanks for the confirmation, I'll redo the material. It needed a lot more work anyway!

Great! Thanks for the info. Craig

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