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By jc4d
I have to take my hat off, this update is great, and the blow up and the region renders... (finally :D :D ), I'm very happy.
Now at the first glance there is some stuff that I would like to point:
- There is a possibility to load KML and/or Kmz earth google files into the location?
- When you double click to update the preview material window always pop up a new window (with the sample level, etc) for me this information is not necessary so that would be great to toggle on/off this info window.
- In the viewport you can only see the map when you apply a map in the bump slot, if you disable the bump map, the texture in the viewport disappear (I don´t know if this a limitation or bug of the plugin), it would be nice if you can select what texture slot you want to see in the viewport for example: Reflectance, Roughness, Anisotropy, Angle, Bump or Mix (see all in the Viewport)


PC espc. vista home premium 2gb ram, C4D R 10.1
By JDHill
Hi JC,

1. KML, sure - I'll put it on the wish list
2. sorry, I don't have any control over that window showing up
3. you can show any map (refl, bump, etc) you want - use the dropdown button just under the material preview (the one with the 'eye' icon)


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By jc4d
Thanks for your response JD :D

I don't know if this is a bug, but when you check Screen mapped the texture doesn't show in the viewport.
Some time ago I did a wish list to improve the plugin, you can check it out to see if there something interesteing there

By JDHill
Yes, screen-mapped is not implemented for viewport display yet, only spherical. I'll take a look at your wish list when I get a minute.

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By JorisMX
I'm missing the Cam Offset shifting.
It doesnt work if you do it on the cinema cam and there is no entry in the camera settings of the plug...

..or did I oversee it?

Plugin is grrrrreeeat JDHill!!! Thanks alot.
By JDHill
It uses the C4D camera's Film Offset X/Y values, and works fine here. Are you sure the right camera is attached to your viewport?
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By macray
I got prolems with the cam as well. The camera isd not used the same way as before, but maxwell most of the time is more zoomed in than the actual preview in cinema.
By JDHill
Is it the same issue already reported regarding portrait shots, or something different?
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By JorisMX
Strange behavior here:

Yesterday I set up a Scene in Cinema 10.5 for a Packshot.
I applied all the Maxwell Materials in Cinema using the Maxwell Material button from the new Plugin. I used UVW Mapping to apply the texture using cylindrical mapping in the uvw-process and rendered.

Today I get back to check out the render and its great, I reopen the c4d scene I saved all this in and the textures are half transparent ?!? and don't look anything like they looked when I saved the project yesterday.

Am I supposed to link these maxwell materials I make in cinema via the editor to saved versions of them in order to "keep" the textures in place?

Okay, even stranger:

I clicked the "Material Editor" button in cinema and the Materials look just like they are supposed to again!
By JDHill
It's strange but not strange - I see this here too. It looks like C4D is adding alpha to some cached bitmaps for whatever reason. I'm still trying find out how to stop it from doing that, or just how to stop C4D from caching the the bitmaps at all.
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